The Mega Magic Teacher Swap

The Mega Magic Teacher Swap

6th August 2020

The charming sequel to The Mega Magic Hair Swap, Humes’s tale of starting a new school year is a great guide to embracing big changes in young lives.

In the follow-up to Rochelle's bestselling debut, The Mega Magic Hair Swap, Mai discovers that although change might feel scary it can be a good thing. A heart-felt picture book about starting a new year at school which will resonate with young audiences and their parents alike.

When best friends Mai and Rose return to school for a new year, they don't want to leave Mrs Bee, the best teacher ever! With a wish and a some help from My Little Coco, Mai and Rose find themselves back in Mrs Bee's class. They quickly discover that it's less fun without their friends, and they've already learnt these subjects before! When they meet their new teacher, Ms Daly, they quickly find out that change can be a good thing - and they even make a new friend!

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